HCV Care

The STAR Health Center has provided specialized hepatitis C virus (HCV) care from doctors, counselors, and peer educators for nearly 15 years.  HCV is one of the biggest health problems in Brooklyn, and left untreated, HCV can cause serious liver damage, including liver cancer.   If you have or think you may have HCV we can help.  For an appointment, call 718.270.3745 or 718.270.2396.  Onsite HCV services include:

Who Is at Risk for Hepatitis C?

Some people are at increased risk for Hepatitis C, including

New Treatments for HCV

Treatment is a joint decision between you and your doctor. In 2011 new therapies with fewer side effects were FDA approved, so even if you received treatment before and had problems with the medication your were given, you should see an HCV specialist and see if there are new medications you can take.   A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine what treatment is best for you.