Buprenorphine Treatment

Buprenorphine-Treatment-imageAll of the STAR Health Center physicians are specially trained and credentialed in the administration and management of buprenorphine, a prescription drug made under the brand names of Suboxone® and Subutex® for people with addictions to opioids (such as heroin and oxycodone). Buprenorphine, also referred to as “Bupe” is an alternative to methadone, but you feel normal, not high, when taking buprenorphine, and it does not involve going to clinic every day. Once you have been initially treated with the medication, visits are reduced and the medication can be delivered directly to your home.

Because buprenorphine helps with withdrawal and cravings, it can help to protect people from risky behaviors and can lower the chance of someone having an overdose. Additionally, people who are dependent on opioids and living with a chronic disease (such as HIV or HCV) are more likely to adhere to their chronic disease treatment and have better health outcomes if they are on buprenorphine treatment. Finally, treatment helps people address life issues that are tied to the addiction, such as feelings of low self-worth, a bad situation at work or home, or spending time with people who use drugs. Treatment can help you move into a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.  For an appointment, call 718.270.3745 or 718.270.2396.