Behavioral Health Services

The STAR Health Center offers comprehensive and confidential treatment services for a variety of issues that may be related to mental health problems, relationship problems, addiction or a combination of factors.  Our team of highly credentialed professionals work with each client to develop a personalized treatment plan that goes beyond addressing a diagnosis or symptoms and aims to improve quality of life.  These professionals, which include a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, social workers, mental health counselors, and addiction counselors, will help you address issues such as the following:

Solution-Focused Counseling

SHC-Behavioral-Health-1Our team is here to provide you with support around any challenges you may be facing.  We offer solution focused supportive counseling that is all about exploring ways to increase your coping and finding ways for you to set and achieve your goals.  Active, solution focused support counseling will aid you in becoming clear about what you want and what is needed for you to achieve what will make you feel better or what may provide a solution to the challenges that you may be facing.

Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment

A psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner will work with you and your counselor to develop a plan for your ongoing mental health or addition issues. Providers are available five days a week for consultation and ongoing management of medications related to depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

Support Groups

Our support groups provide an opportunity for you to work with your peers to help find solutions to specific issues for concern. Current support groups include:

Specialized Women’s Services

specialized-women's-servicesThe STAR Health Center has a specialized program just for women. It offers specialized counseling for women from experienced professionals who will help you develop your own plan and strategies that will help you deal with depression, anxiety, and addiction, as well as issues such as trauma and domestic abuse. This program offers multiple services including:

Harm Reduction Services

The STAR Health Center’s Harm Reduction Program addresses the specific needs of HIV+ persons who struggle with recent and/or a history of addiction, allowing clients to receive support and education, structured around risk reduction. The program serves all eligible individuals but targets Black/African-American/Afro-Caribbean and Latino men and women; LGBT and gender non-conforming clients; young MSM of color; and clients over 50 years old.

Referrals for Ongoing Counseling

After consulting with one of our counselors, you may decide that you would benefit from counseling on a more long term basis. We work with excellent agencies in Brooklyn that can provide you with a mental health or substance abuse professional that will meet your specific needs.

For an appointment, call 718.270.3745 or 718.270.2396.