Women’s Interagency HIV Study

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WIHS is a nine site, multi-center, study following HIV+ women and a comparison group of HIV negative women to learn about the gynecological manifestations and antiretroviral treated history of HIV disease in women. Medical histories, physical examinations, pelvic examinations and specimen collection including Pap smears, testing for sexually transmitted infections and blood drawing are done twice a year on each woman. Participants with abnormal Pap smears also receive colposcopy.  Education and support services are provided.

Enrollment for this study occurred in 1994-95, 2001-02 and 2012-13. Current substudies to the WIHS include the relationship of vascular health to cognition and aging, neuropathy and evaluation of body composition. The WIHS, which has resulted in over 600 scientific publications to date, is funded by National Institutes of Health.  Drs. Deborah Gustafson and Howard Minkoff are the co-Principal Investigators at the Brooklyn WIHS site.  Site Co-Investigators include Drs. Michael Augenbraun, Howard Crystal, Jack DeHovitz, Jason Lazar, Tonya Taylor, Tracey Wilson and Jeremy Weedon. More information about the WIHS can be found at or by contacting Susan Holman, the Brooklyn WIHS Site Project Director, at