The STAR Program’s research has primarily focused on HIV since its inception in 1990.   Past research includes pharmaceutical trials of antiretroviral medications and interventions to promote prevention with positives and retain patients in care.  The following are active research projects focused on HIV in women:

Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)

WIHS is a multi-site NIH-funded, study following HIV+ women and a comparison group of HIV negative women to learn about the gynecological manifestations and antiretroviral treated history of HIV disease in women.  SUNY Downstate investigators have been funded continuously since 1992.

The Prevention Needs of Older Women with HIV

This NIH-funded study explores how psychosocial and interpersonal dynamics influence the risky sexual behaviors of women with HIV who are 50 years old and older.

WHAT IF? Project

This NIDA funded, multi-site, implementation-effectiveness study, funded through a collaboration with Yale University, will conduct a formative evaluation and then tailor Implementation Facilitation (IF) to local site needs, to determine the impact of IF on the use effective counseling and medications for tobacco, alcohol and opioid use disorders in large HIV clinics.